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Diadema, glass monolith, elegant, refined and extremely clean lines. It features original table stands, wall,
from motorized swivel earth and in the end with the mod support. Arco; the latter is integrated with the Blumont collection such as mod. Agreement, mod. Theater, mod. Sofia and mod. Muse. The finishes in glass and the extremely simple design allows it to fit smoothly into any interior, both classic and modern, in the prestigious houses and offices, luxury hotels and yachts. Available as an option Blumont speakers.
Tiara, glass monolith, refined, and with extremely clean lines. It comes with original table and wall support, swivel motorized floor support, or the mod.Accordo, mod.Teatro, mod.Sofia, and mod.Musa. The finishingin glass and the extremely essential design Permits its harmonious insertion with any kind of furnishing, both classic and modern, in houses and prestigious offices, in hotels and in luxurious yachts. The Blumont speakers are available as accessories to this model.
Divo , beyond the I'immagine mirror, reflected or projected , suspended between dream and reality ,
between that which appears and which cid . End piece of furniture of great personality , capable of
transcending its nature with just one click from a simple remote control . Mirror but also and above
all a source of images and sounds . Thoughtful and yet graceful , pud be Also used only for playing 
music or, at maximum His expression , can be customized upon customer request .
Sofia, aimed to emphasize I'unicita and I'individualita of the person, and emphasizes that the 
concept of wellness and relaxation on a human scale, taking also the Evolution of Life. Sofia, 
thanks alia its versatility, can be used as a tool of
relaxation, recreation, meetings, information and together with mod.Arco-Diadema 22 "
revolutionary and great place to work. The harmony of its forms and its light weight make
it unique and exclusive, beautiful to see, to show and to live . Easily adaptable in different
contexts and situations, Sofia, by their nature, be inserted pud
even where the requirements in terms of space impose certain limits.
Sofia, meant to underline the uniqueness and individuality of people, emphasizes the concept 
of wellness and relaxation man-sized, Also recapturing the Life Evolution. Sofia, thanks to its 
versatility, can be used as an instrument of relaxation, entertainmen, encounter, and combined 
with information. mod.Arco-Diadema 22 "revolutionary and ideal working place. The harmony 
and lightness of its shape make this product unique and exlusive, beautiful to see, show and live. 
Easily adaptable in different settings and situations, Sofia, for its own characteristics, Also can be 
inserted where there are two limits to space restrictions.
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